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The Plain Language Institute is a private institution founded in December 2009 to build on our experience in the field of plain language. See www.slabbert-associates.com for more information on this work.

The Institute assists organisations to design customer documents that will meet the requirements of Article 22 of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008.

We also test customer documents (e.g. forms, bills, contracts, terms and conditions, call centre scripts) for clarity and usability.

Through its research, training, seminars and publications the Institute plans to contribute to the academic field of plain language.

The Plain Language Institute’s SSASSESS™ trademark certifies that documents follow international guidelines for plain language and that we have tested them with the target audience. (Click on here for more information.)

The Management Team

Dr. Sarah Slabbert, Nadja Green and Rosemarie Bennett run The Plain Language Institute (Click here for more information).

The Institute works with an experienced associate team with expertise most relevant to a particular project. See Clients & Associates for more information on an associate.

BB-BEE Status

Level Four Contributor. An auditor's letter is available on request.

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Complicated language costs companies money
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Plain language for all levels of government
The use of plain language may be gathering momentum in South Africa’s private sector, but the public sector in general continues to lag. Although some government department...
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